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About Us
Our offices and warehouse are open Monday to Friday from 9AM to 5PM. We are closed on the weekends and all Federal Holidays.

We are KARATEMOVIE.COM. Founded in 1999, we were the first site on the internet to sell original VHS tapes of Chinese language films to non Chinese speaking people. We carry over 600 titles spanning all genres: Kung Fu, Comedy, Modern films, Shaw Brothers, Dramas, TVB Shows, and a whole lot more! We source our titles from the highest quality masters, using broadcast quality equipment to make sure you get the most bang for your buck!

Shipping Policy and Processing Times
We base our shipping charges on the value of your order. To make sure you get the fewest shipments possible, we will do our best to ship everything to you at once. If we cant and we need to send you more than one shipment, we will only charge you once for the total value of your order. Here is some other helpful information:

Do you have a mailing list?
To get on our mailing list for new release information,
please send us an email at sales(at)
Our mailing list is private and NOT shared with anyone!

Can You Ship Overseas?
Yes we can. Please send us a email with your full name and address, and the list of titles you want to order, and we will send an invoice for payment. Please note we reserve the right to refuse to ship to certain places without any notice.

Can I cancel an order?
Once an order has been placed, we start to work on it right away.
If the item has entered the production process, it cannot be canceled.
Once shipped and in route, the order cannot be canceled

How Fast Do You Ship? strives to process orders for in-stock items within 1 business day of receiving your order. We do not process orders on Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays.

Orders will be processed and shipped pending credit card authorization. Please refer to our Credit Card Authorization and Charge policy below.

Are the movies you sell original?
The only excecption to this are the titles in the following categories:
The Following categories of movies, are MANUFACTURED-ON-DEMAND, using DVD-R Discs
Ocean Shores Video - Released by under license
Bollywood Horror - Public Domain! - NO US Copyright
Cult Moviies - Public Domain! - NO US Copyright
British TV Series - Public Domain - NO US Copyright
Shaw Brothers English Dubbed - Public Domain - NO US Copyright

How are the British TV Series packaged?
The British TV Series are packaged with professionally labelled DVD discs with NO covers.
They will ship in Jewel Cases! - NO US Copyright

Does offering copies make you guys an illegal pirate operation?
Definitely not! The section of American copyright law known as "The Berne Act" clearly states: films unreleased in the United States, including original version of films altered and/or edited for release in the United States, are not protected by American copyright; thus, they are considered public domain. The entire purpose of our company is to provide (otherwise unavailable) films to the serious video collector. We do not offer videos owned by American releasing companies. If a film should become available domestically we immediately stop offering it to our clients.

Shipping and Destination Policies
Shipping times are approximate and may vary for reasons beyond our control.
A business day is Monday through Friday.
All orders shipped via Priority Mail delivery are delivered Monday through Saturday. Sorry, delivery is not available on holidays.

Credit Card Authorization and Charge Policy
Orders will be processed and shipped pending credit card authorization.
When you place an order, will pre-authorize your credit card to ensure the funds are available.
Pre-authorization charges may appear as if you have been charged. With some credit cards, the funds become unavailable, but the account is not debited until the order ships.
If the order is canceled for any reason, the time it takes for the hold on your funds to be released depends on the issuer of the card (usually 2-5 business days).

Product Availability
We always try to ship your order completely. Sometimes, an item becomes unavailable. If this happens while we are processing your order, we will let you know by sending you an email. We will NOT automatically make substitutions to your order.
We will cancel the item on your order form, we wont charge your credit card for it, and we will still deliver the rest of your order.

Returns Policy
We reimburse or accept returns only for unopended DVDs unless the disk are at fault within 30 days of the invoice. When disks are at fault another DVD of same title will be replaced. All items to be returned must be sent to Us by "Certified" mail

If you do not return the items through "Certified" mail, We cannot guarantee receipt, and therefore, We cannot guarantee refund or replacement of the items.
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2 x The Master Killers
3 x Blood Avenger
3 x Cannonball Run
3 x Army Game Collection
2 x Chief (The): The Complete Series
3 x Secret Of Shaolin Poles
4 x Bless This House - Series 1-6 - Complete
1 x Diary Of A Big Man
5 x Ninja Killer
1 x Gaffer (The): The Complete Series
4 x Andy Capp: The Complete Series
1 x The Old Master Poster
6 x Chinatown Kid
8 x The Little Big Master
7 x Bruce Takes Dragon Town
2 x General Invincible
2 x Executioner From Shaolin
2 x Secret Mission
3 x The Eagle King
3 x Battle Creek Brawl BluRay
5 x Stooges In Hong Kong
2 x Ten Tigers of Shaolin
2 x The Warlord Poster
4 x Ninja Over The Great Wall
2 x The Ninja and the Thief / To Catch A Ninja/ Ninja Thunderbolt
5 x The Five Deadly Venoms - Blu Ray
3 x Cheating in Panorama
1 x Armour of God Collection Plain Edition - Bluray
2 x The Champions: The Complete Series
2 x Hand Of Death Blu Ray
1 x City Hunter- Bluray
1 x The 36th Chamber of Shaolin - Blu Ray
2 x Shaolin Vs Lama
1 x 1000 Mile Escort
2 x Dragon Lord
1 x The Turkish Dracula
1 x Callan: The Color Years
1 x Room Service: The Complete Series
2 x Deadly Melody
2 x Bootsie and Snudge: The Complete Series 1
2 x Aces Go Places
1 x Cowboys: The Complete Series
3 x Ninja Vs. Ninja
3 x 7 Commandments of Kung Fu
2 x Keep It Up Jack
2 x Tarzoon-Shame of the Jungle
1 x The Scandalous Warlord Poster
1 x Power Kids
2 x Indian Superman - Hindi Version
1 x Khooni Panja
3 x Young Hero Of Shaolin II
2 x Ninja Kill
2 x A Life of Ninja
1 x Ninja Kids
3 x New One Armed Swordsman
4 x Shaolin Martial Arts
2 x The Turkish Star Wars
2 x Wandering Dragon
2 x Desmond's-The Complete Series
1 x Taoism Drunkard - Dubbed
2 x Ironhead / Snake Fist Dynamo
1 x Dangerous Person
2 x The Buddha Assassinator
1 x Ninja Hunter - Widescreen
2 x Thunderclap
2 x Seven Blows of the Dragon
4 x Men from the Monastery / Disciples Of Death
2 x Shaolin Disciple
1 x Shaolin Challenges Ninja
3 x The Warrior And The Ninja
1 x Challenge Of The Lady Ninja
3 x Five Super Fighters
2 x The 36th Chamber of Shaolin
1 x Ninja Terminator _ DO NOT USE
1 x Dirty Ho
1 x The Killer
2 x The Noble Ninja
1 x Ninja vs. Shaolin Guards
2 x Kung Fu Hellcats
1 x The Stranger and the Gunfighter
2 x Two Champions Of Shaolin
1 x Ninja in the Dragon's Den
2 x Chinese Super Ninja
2 x Ninja Dragon
1 x Don't Drink The Water - The Complete Series
1 x Mysterious Cities Of Gold
2 x Mad Monkey Kung Fu
1 x Desperate Avenger -Subtitled
2 x The Black Magic With Buddha
2 x Dynamite Shaolin Heroes
1 x Lion Vs Lion
1 x An Everlasting Duel
2 x Across The River
3 x Three Kingdom RPG
2 x Dynamite Trio
1 x Old Master Q
2 x The Champion
2 x 36 Strikes Of Kung Fu
2 x Love At First Fight
3 x Daggers 8
3 x Budo Wing
3 x 13 Styles Strike
1 x Blood Child
2 x Big Boss of Shanghai
4 x Bruce: Hong Kong Master
1 x The Revenge Of Angel
1 x Number One Iron Man
1 x Shadow Cop
1 x The Two Cavaliers
1 x The Marvelous Stunts of Kung Fu
2 x Kung Fu - The Invisible Fist
2 x Ghost For Sale
1 x Gold Snatchers
3 x Bollywood Tarzan
2 x The Fast Fists
1 x Kung Fu's Hero Poster
1 x The Sharp Fist in Kung Fu
1 x Stone Age Warriors
3 x Ghosts Love
1 x Pyaasi Nagin
1 x Deadly Snail vs. Kung Fu Killer
2 x Shaolin Devil , Shaolin Angel
1 x Sun Dragon AKA: A Hard Way To Die
1 x The Great Escape From Womens Prison
1 x The Guardian
1 x Queen Boxer
1 x Dressed To Fight
1 x Bollywood Horror 3 In 1
2 x Golden Venom
1 x Arhats In Fury
2 x The Clan Of Righteousness
2 x Eunuch of the Western Palace
1 x Bloody Brotherhood
1 x Angel Enforcers
2 x The Green Jade Statuette
1 x Green Killer
1 x Bees Saal Baad
2 x The Fist, the Kicks & the Evils
1 x 99 Cycling Swords
1 x Ninja Hunter Thai Poster
1 x Assassin
1 x The Vigilantes
2 x A Fistfull Of Talons
1 x Golden Sun
1 x Born Rich
2 x Shanghai 13
1 x Kung Fu Strongman
2 x Fire Dragon
1 x Fist of Fury 1991 II
1 x Junoon
1 x Will Of Iron
2 x The Deadly Sword
1 x Seven to One
1 x Two Heroes Shooting Stars(Buddha’s Palm and Dragon Fist)
1 x Gentle Touch (The): The Complete Series
2 x A Girl Called Tigress
1 x Little Hero
2 x New Mr Vampire 2 (The Funny Vampire)
1 x Errant Love
1 x Gambler And His Kung Fu Master
2 x The Thrilling Bloody Sword
2 x Ammoru
1 x Andheri Raat
2 x When The Kung Fu Hero Strikes (The Virgin Mart)
2 x The Dark Alley
1 x Women Prison
1 x Bruce Kung Fu Girls
2 x Spirits of Bruce Li
1 x Rebellious Reign
1 x Kung Fu From Beyond The Grave
1 x Kung Fu Hellcats Aka Five Tough Guys
2 x The Tattooed Dragon
1 x Blade Of Fury
1 x Bandh Darwaza/Purana Mandir
2 x Fury Of Shaolin Fists
1 x Kung Fu Kids (Young Dragons)
1 x Bootsie and Snudge: The Complete Series 2
1 x 18 Bronzemen 2
1 x 4 Robbers
1 x Iron Monkey - Old Version
1 x Mask of Vengeance
1 x Tales Of Larceny
2 x Shanghai Heroic Story
1 x Flying Mr B
1 x Kung Fu Kid From Peking
1 x The Turkish Wizard of Oz
2 x Blood Brothers
2 x Magic Of Spell
1 x The Guy With Secret Kung Fu
1 x The Demons
2 x He Has Nothing But Kung Fu
1 x The Man From Hell
2 x The Killer Elephants
2 x The Hellfire Angel
2 x Dragon Family
1 x Probation Officer: Volume 1
2 x Indian Superman - Telugu Version
1 x 13 Evil Bandits
1 x Dads Army-The Complete Series
2 x Dark Lady Of Kung Fu
2 x Fighting Of Shaolin Monks
1 x Who Killed Mary What's 'Er Name
1 x New Adventures of The Fan Monk
1 x The Warlord
2 x Devil And Angel
1 x Infernal Street
1 x Seven Spirit Pagoda (Shaolin Temple)
1 x An Army Of Hundred Thousand Men
1 x The 72 Desperate Rebels
1 x Kasthuriman
1 x Love Among The Triad
2 x The Man From Hong Kong
1 x The Killer in White
1 x Crocodile
1 x Victims of the Assassin
1 x The Kung Fu Kids Break Away
2 x Aces Go Places 4
1 x Heroine in the Dust
3 x Incredible Kung Fu Master
1 x The Lone Ninja Warrior
1 x My Cape Of Many Dreams
3 x Dead Curse
3 x Eduruleni Manishi
2 x Hazell - The Complete Series
1 x Mirage
1 x Buddist Fist
1 x Dynamo
1 x Ninja In The Killing Field
1 x Police Cadet 84
1 x Bandits Prostitutes & Silver
1 x Genghis Khan
1 x The Chinese Boxer
1 x Knight Errants
1 x Bruce and Shaolin Bronzemen
1 x Birds Do It!
1 x The Last of the Secret Agents?
1 x Hallelujah: The Complete Series
1 x Duty Free The Complete Series
1 x Two in Clover: The Complete Series
1 x Brittas Empire, Complete Series
1 x With Or Without You
1 x The Young Taoism Fighter
1 x Deadly Roulette
1 x Ninja Hunter -Standard Edition
1 x A Friend From Inner Space Poster
1 x Little Drunken Masters
1 x Invincible Armour
1 x Gun Metal Grey
1 x Four Infernos to Cross
1 x Crack Shadow Boxers
1 x Astronauts - The Complete Series
1 x Chase Step by Step
1 x Shaolin Drunk Fighter
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