Bollywood Tarzan

Bollywood Tarzan
Starring: Hemant Birje, Kimi Katkar
Director: B.Subhash
Subtitles: English
Duration : 150 Minutes

Short Story:

An archeologist, Dr. Raina goes to the jungle to find an ancient tribe, leaving his wife and child behind at their camp. He is attacked and killed by the same tribals and they also kidnap his wife. An Ape somehow gets hold of the child and this child grows up to be Tarzan.
This news attracts the owner of Apollo Circus and he sends his animal hunter D.K. to track Tarzan to perform in his circus. Another aspirant, Dr. Seth also sets out in search of the ancient tribe with his daughter Ruby. D.K. joins the troup. D.K. develops a liking for Ruby and asks Dr. Seth for her hand, Dr. Seth agrees. Tarzan sees Ruby dancing in the camp. She attracts him on first sight. Ruby has heard so much about Tarzan that when he saves her from a crocodile, she's awed by his towering figure, sturdy muscles, a hard face with innocent looks. Ruby also falls in love at first sight with Tarzan.
D.K. finally manages to capture Tarzan. He brings him to the circus and forcibly trains him to perform. Only for the fear of harm to Ruby, Tarzan gives in. When he sees Ruby pushed and hurt after the show, he flares, rages with anger, but is finally put in the cage again. Helpless, he gives a call for his animals . Do they come? Is he rescued from the circus? Does he get Ruby? Or Does he, for the rest of his life perform in the circus as an animal, a beast? See for yourself...

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