3 Headed Monster

3 Headed Monster
Starring: Cynthia Khan Lai Ching, Chan Ying Kit, Kei Ming Yue, Fan Yan
Director: Wong Guk Gam
Without the aid of English subtitles, this cheaper than cheap Taiwan fantasy obviously is a tougher trek... on paper that is. Because looking at shenanigans in the likes of Magic Warriors, even a translation isn't much help to decipher the fast paced madness on-screen. Three-Head Monster is calmer in that regard though and what we're left with is trying to figure out whether the visual content is any fun or not. Judge for yourself as Wong Guk-Gam unleashes what largely is a bad puppet show via the sights of little tree monsters that in the end are good guys of the piece, a re-animated Nazi who mistakes a Buddhist symbol for the swastika and salutes accordingly, a very cheap animated special effect that apparently was the only one they could afford to and multiple beheadings of the titular monster. Logically, it should add up to kinda fun and does, story coherence or not. Cynthia Khan appears and flip flops in audience sympathy only to redeem herself by the end. High drama, three-head monster... lovely combo. Mandarin with NO english Subtitles
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