Do Gaz Zameen Ke Neeche

Do Gaz Zameen Ke Neeche
Starring: Surendra Kumar, Imtiaz Khan, Shoba, Pooja, Helen
Subtitles: English
Director: Tulsi Ramsay
Raja, a hugely wealthy aristocrat cum scientist, mourning the death of his recently departed wife with whom he was evidently madly in love. His moping session is interrupted by the sounds of desperate shrieking and he turns to see a nubile young thing being chased by some ìanti-socialî elements through the woods. He hastens after the pack of wolves and rescues the girl . Raja allows her to stay overnight at his place as she has nowhere to go and darkness has set in. Later that night the girl Anju (Shobha) quietly slips into Rajaís bed and when he awakens she explains that she was too scared to sleep all on her own! It doesnít take long for the two to succumb to their lust and the next morning upon finding Anju weeping at her folly, the good scientist promises to do the right thing by marrying her. All is well to begin with but then a slimy uncle of Anju shows up and starts using Anju to leech off Rajaís wealth. It is soon evident that the two are in collusion and that she had married Raja to get hold of his property.She plans to get Raja murdered.She recruits her lover Imtiaz Khan to pose as a doctor having poisoned Raja into a state of semi-paralysis and together they plot the poor scientists destruction.
Eventually, the scheming lovers kill the poor suffering Raja and dump his corpse into a fresh grave ìDo Gaz Zameen ke Neecheî (Two Yards Underground).Anju's uncle, Anju and Imtiaz then slowly begin to fall out over the loot and major complications begin when nasty things start going bumpin the night and worsen when a Raja's spirit is seen prowling about in the vicinity. Upon checking the grave, everyoneís worst fears are confirmed when the corpse found in it isnít the body of Raja but of the man who was recruited to help bury him. Under extreme duress, Anjuís relationship with Imtiaz begins to develop serious cracks ñ the place soon transforms in to hell and the worst nightmeres are unleashed as the rotting corpse of Raja makes its presence felt in the most traumatizing manner, looking for revenge...
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