Kung Fu Kids (Young Dragons)

Kung Fu Kids (Young Dragons)
Starring: Paul Chang, Chong Rong Chen, Hui Lou Chen. Ah Kuo
Director: Peng-I Chang
Three amazing mini-masters of kung-fu give the martial arts a real kick in the pants in this wildly comic action romp! Raised in the romote mountains of China by their cantankerous Grandpa- himself a Kung-fu wizard- three young brothers train ceaselessly to become a tiny trio of unbeatable martial arts warriors. But when they run away to the big city, they're soon up to their chop- sticks in trouble as they fall in with a ruthless gang of thugs. It’s Grandpa to the rescue, as he and the Young Dragons teach the bad guys a kung-fu lesson they'll never forget! Join the hand- to-hand hilarity, in this dazzling, special effects-filled treat for the Whole family. English Dubbed.

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