The Bund

The Bund
Set in the 1920s Republican era in China, the story tells how triad members Hui Man-keung and Ting Lik struggle to survive in Shanghai (then an international settlement), and their rise to prominence in the triad world later. Hui Man-keung and Ting Lik join Fung King-yiu's triad and both of them fall in love with Fung's daughter, Ching-ching, who has a crush on Hui. When Hui Man-keung discovers that Fung King-yiu is actually collaborating with secret agents from Japan to destroy the patriotic Ching-mou School, he turns against Fung and kills the Japanese spy Kaoriko Yamaguchi in a gunfight. Fung King-yiu is furious with Hui Man-keung's betrayal and he sends Ting Lik to kill Hui, but Ting secretly helps Hui escape on account of their friendship. Hui Man-keung settles in Hong Kong, where he marries Tai and starts a new life with her family. Fung King-yiu is still furious with Hui Man-keung for betraying him and he sends his men to Hong Kong to kill Hui. The killers murder Tai and her family, while Hui Man-keung survives because he was not at home. He swears vengeance on Fung King-yiu and he returns to Shanghai to take revenge. During Hui Man-keung's absence, Ting Lik starts a romantic relationship with Ching-ching and she promises to marry Ting on one occasion after Ting is seriously injured in a fight. Hui Man-keung suffers an emotional breakdown due to the loss of his family, and after seeing that his love interest has agreed to marry his best friend. His depression ignites the anger in him and increases his thirst for revenge. Hui Man-keung challenges Fung King-yiu to a Russian roulette game later and he kills Fung. Ching-ching is unable to forgive Hui Man-keung for killing her father and she leaves China for France. Although Hui Man-keung and Ting Lik co-operate and manage to dominate the triad world of Shanghai later, Hui is uninterested in triad affairs as he is eager to find Ching-ching and patch up with her. In the last episode, Hui Man-keung is shot to death outside a restaurant on the night before he leaves for France.
▪ Chow Yun-fat as Hui Man-keung (許文強)
▪ Ray Lui as Ting Lik (丁力)
▪ Angie Chiu as Fung Ching-ching (馮程程)
▪ Lau Dan as Fung King-yiu (馮敬堯)
▪ Kent Tong as Chan Hon-lam (陳翰林)
▪ King Doi-yum as Tai (阿娣)
▪ Lam Kin-ming as Fong Yim-wun (方艷芸)
▪ Wong Sun as Nip Yan-wong (聶人王)
▪ Chong Man-ching as Wong Yuet-kei (汪月琪)
▪ Susanna Au-yeung as Yamaguchi Kaoriko (山口香子)
Cultural reference
Two scenes have subsequently been replicated and parodied in many films and television series in Hong Kong. The wedding of Ting Lik and Fung Ching-ching was one. The death of Hui Man-keung was another. In particular, Chow Yun-fat was propelled into the limelight and became a household name in Hong Kong.[1] The scene where Hui is assassinated outside a restaurant is culturally considered one of the all-time greatest scenes in Hong Kong television. Vietnamese/Cambodian with NO subtitles
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