Dynasty 1

Dynasty 1
Yong Cheng - Man Tse Leung (acting in China part-time and is a businessman now)
Tsang Jing - Chiang Da Wai(sometimes act in atv serials)
Nien Gen Yiu - Yeung Chak Lum (Mo Dik in "Reincarnated" and now acting in Malaysian serials)
Lui Sei Niong - Mei Shuet (last seen in 2000 DSHS as Yin Suk Suk)
Lee Yuk Yin - Ngai Chau Wah (Wong Yung in the tvb 95 version of 'Return of the Condor Heroes')
Hon Chong - Leung Siu Lung (now a stuntsman director in movies)
Ying Tai - Ng Wai Kok (now acting in China and is Liu Xiaoqing's boyfriend)
Mou Meng - Law Lok Lam (Yam Wo Hang in the tvb 97 version of 'The Swordsman')
Hung Lek - Wong Shu Kei ( now acting in Malaysian serials)

Yung Cheng is the fourth prince and is always unable to win his father's favour all along. He is always overshadowed by his younger brother, Ying Tai. He knows that he has no chance of getting the throne. In despair, he stays in a hut in a village and gets himself drunk each day. His followers are disturbed to see this and they scheme to get someone highly-skilled to steal the emperor's scroll to change the successor.

Yung Cheng has nothing to do and always play on the zither daily. Sai Niong stays near him and is annoyed by the noises he makes. In anger, she steps on the weaving machine to weave cloth and makes noises at night. This disturbs Yung Cheng and he asks his followers to tell Sai Niong to stop it. Sai Niong refuses and insists on continuing. Yung Cheng is so angry that he snaps all the strings at once! His followers are scared over this and they bring the zither to Sai Niong's place. Sai Niong is equally speechless to see this and helps to fix it back when they beg her. She pities them as Yung Cheng is temperamental. He may regret his action later in destroying his precious zither and vent his anger on them. 5 DVD's. Chinese with NO subtitles
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